This book reveals the deep relationship between peace and body awareness. Inhabiting the present moment through deep body awareness makes peace manifest in our lives and across the planet. Thus feeling our bodies – the outer and inner – is a radical and revolutionary act.


Giving our full and felt attention to the body helps us enter the present moment where we become aware of this ever-present peace. The body is always here in the present moment and our sensations can only be felt in the now. Presence through body awareness is the off switch to the incessant voice in our head that pretends to be us. The more present we are, the quieter our thoughts and reactions become, and we come to realize we are not our thoughts but are the peace-infused awareness that’s the source of everything.


The practical suggestions throughout the book are supported by a chapter of simple yet life-changing techniques readers can use on a daily basis. These simple yet powerful practices help us experience the peace that we are.


Everyone from long-suffering individuals who wish to heal themselves, to activists who long to heal the planet, to spiritual enlightenment seekers who want to find clear, direct guidance will find the answers they are looking for in this book.



This is a deep, very clearly written and quite accessible book about Peace. The author writes from a place of stillness about Peace and its relation to our mind, emotions and body, as well as in relation to anger, justice and activism. Don't come to this book with your personal expectations and agendas...or else you will entirely miss the gift that this book gives us. Peace and Where to Find It is an important and timeless book, which also is synchronistically quite timely, as the daily media barrages us with stories about how divided we are, both as individuals and as nations.


Steve Donoso, author of Returning The Gift: Dialogues On Being At Peace Within Ourselves And The World




Thank you for the best gift I have received in my entire life.  And what perfect timing to receive this for my 80th birthday. I can’t find words of gratitude for such a perfect gift. I thought after 80 years what more can I learn?  But then you sent me PEACE – And Where To  Find It.

Be sure that everyone in the Chicago area will hear about this book and be encouraged to go out and get it.


Catherine Chiesa, BFF

Chicago, IL




I simply want to express my sincere appreciation for your thoughtful gift of a book that deeply resonates with me as a serious spiritual seeker myself. In fact, prison is a uniquely appropriate place in which to pursue this quest.

For Christopher Papadopoulos' book 'PEACE & and Where to Find It', your benevolence has brought illumination to my dismal days in detention at this correctional center.


Sending Peace from Pri Zen,





Peace and Where to Find It supports the reader in discovering one’s original nature:  that indescribable, interconnected, aligned realm of consciousness which we are naturally drawn to realize.  Peace is our natural state, and Christopher’s clear and gentle guidance continually brings one back home to where the heart opens and the spirit radiates.  His on-going reminders to redirect attention away from the thinking mind to perceiving body sensations and feeling the breath naturally entrain  the reader to become more readily available to realizing the freedom of pure presence.


Jon Bernie, author:  Ordinary Freedom



Peace and Where to Find It is a slim gem, packed with insight and wisdom.   For fans of Eckhart Tolle, Peace takes up where Tolle’s The Power of Now leaves off, (and, in fact, Eckhart Tolle wrote the introduction for this book), but it’s not necessary to have read one to enjoy the other.   The author, Christopher Papadopoulos, has clearly walked the walk, done the work, and come back to share his transformative experience with us.


Written in a Q and A format, this book is filled with anecdotes, gentle suggestions and lively examples, all designed to help the reader deepen their practice of inner awareness and staying in the present moment. We learn that we can control our reactions to problems, challenges, or sources of unhappiness, and that we don’t have to identify with the fluctuating emotions or inner voice that usually controls us.   By cultivating inner awareness, we can choose to feel peaceful instead and to realize that our natural state of being is a pure, peaceful consciousness. This, in turn, paves the way for the higher emotions to prevail: peace, joy, and love.

Staying in the “Now” has been a hot topic in recent years, but Mr. Papadopoulos brings a breath of fresh air to it and finds new ways to engage the reader and encourage true progress in developing one’s own practice. Peace and Where to Find It brings real rewards and, if we follow the reasoning that individual peace leads to world peace, what better place to start than here?


Merlin News




How to be in the present moment?  How to experience the peace and power of now?  Christopher Papadopoulos has provided just that in this easy to read, understand, and absorb book, PEACE and Where To Find It.  It’s like “Continuing Education of the Power of Now.”   Many will find that missing piece they’ve been searching for.  The Q & A format is especially helpful, inviting the reader in to the conversation.  Step-by-step guidance to developing lasting peace are found within these pages…at last!


Ricki Blanchard, Higher Self Bookstore




From Montreal-native Christopher Papadopoulos, with a foreword by internationally bestselling author Eckhart Tolle, comes a practical guide to obtaining peace within ourselves. Structured primarily in Q & A format, similar to The Power of Now, this book guides readers on a simple yet profound journey of discovery, inviting them to discard their mental concepts about the nature of peace.


Publishers Group Canada




A profound awakening to a calmness is possible as one delves into the many dimensions of our lives, and selves, while reading the book, "Peace."  It explores the inner and outer world, beliefs, perceptions, and experiences that can foster or block one's experience of the phenomenon of peace.  It expands the possibilities of seeing from a new, enlightened awareness the world within and around. A refreshing read, and a great reminder of the stillness we can choose to be in a world so often perceived as overflowing with turmoil."


Dulcinea Contreras, Executive Producer of Evolution Revolution Radio




I have recommended this book to many friends. It has had a powerful impact on me.


The author has a very inclusive tone about all practices and traditions that encourages you to add the book's techniques to your own techniques and daily routines to make them more effective. Highly recommended.






Christopher Papadopoulos is an excellent teacher. He teaches us a simple concept of living PEACE and what happiness and blessings can be gleaned from this practice.

It is a very strait forward teaching but with Christopher’s dynamic writing style he brings each page to life for the reader.

I recommend this book to all.






This is the new "Good Book" ! It took me a long time to read it, because I had to keep going back to previous statements and paragraphs to more fully digest the amazing bounty of truth and serenity of each page. I'm now halfway through my 3rd time, and feel the love and peace growing in me daily...... Life changing, and as the author says... "This is your roadmap back home". You have found your way, thanks to Eckhart, and taken his works into full bloom !!!! Thank you, Christopher, for this gem. I don't know how you could find a way to write another book on this theme. It is all here, ..... hopefully , for all. Bravo !


Bernard Francis





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